Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Gixo User

The Holiday season is quickly approaching and luckily picking out the perfect gift for a Gixo user in your life is super easy! We complied a list of the top 5 holiday gift ideas that every Gixo user will love to find wrapped up this seaon:

1. Bluetooth headphones

Make using Gixo even easier without all the wires! Bluetooth Headphones allow your Gixo user to hear the live coach, awesome music mixes, and texts from Gixo classmates while they exercise. AND welcome to the future of headphones, they will not have to worry about the wires getting in the way during their exercise!

2. Phone Armband

We love Gixo, we don’t love wondering where we want to store our phones while we run. An exercise armband for your phone will alleviate the pain of having to hold your phone during a run.

3. Touch screen gloves

Winter is coming and if you are in a cold climate area, touch screen gloves for the winter months are a winner for sure! Help keep your hands warm while still being able to use your touch screen devices. Gixo users will love the gift of functionality and warmth.

4. A Heart Rate Monitor

Gixo is compatible with most digital heart rate monitors, which means your coach can see your heart rate throughout the workout. This allows the coach to push you harder or remind you to breath! If you know a Gixo user who is ready to push their experience to the next level this is a great gift. The more data that your live coach has, the better they are able to coach you!

5. A Workout Buddy!

Give the Gift of a workout buddy, that’s you! Purchasing your own Gixo Subscription this holiday season is not only a gift for you, but also a gift for you best Gixo buddy! You can treat yourself with live fitness classes and gift your friend a workout partner for the coming year! That’s a win win 🙂