About Me

I like to hang out with my kid, lift weights and eat. I enjoy hanging out in Hawaii and spend lots of time there. When I used to fight I never got any serious injuries. Mild Concussion, leg contusions, a broken nose once that my coach fixed in my corner and a few cuts over my eyes that I fixed with super glue instead of stitches. The WORST injury I got was from teaching a class and demonstrating bad technique and tore up my knee and ended my own competitive pursuits

Why Fitness

I think Health and Fitness is important and its easier with a coach, a group and with some fun. I used to be obese at over 300lbs working out alone was too hard and un motivating. It very hard to stick with it. Finding a group and finding a way to make it fun is what help me get into a habit of exercise and help get me in shape.


TRX: total body resistance exercise certification, Crossfit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1, Powerlifting Coach, Pre Natal Coach, National College of Exercise Professionals Personal Trainer cetification, Muay Thai Kickboxing Coach and former Amateur Fighter