Triathlete, Strength and Run Coach

Sarah Brannon is an Austin, Texas based coach whose client lists includes Miss Texas! She is both a dancer and triathlete, combining the love of movement with her competitive edge. Expect knowledgeable encouragement, kindness, and hilarious wit.

About Me

I was born and raised in Santa Fe New Mexico. My hobbies include hiking, anything fitness related, traveling, playing guitar and making art. An interesting fact about me is that my moms family heritage built a castle in England that is the one of the oldest and most haunted today.

Why Fitness

I grew up loving to play sports and used them as an outlet. When I got to college, I put on weight, got really unhealthy and needed to change my lifestyle so I decided to start running and weight lifting. I loved it so much that I turned it into my career. It is what makes me feel alive, empowered and strong. It overflows into every aspect of my life. Learning to be in tune with my body is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned.

Quick Facts

Favorite Move: is either a one legged kettlebell deadlift or a two legged kettlebell deadlift.

My Inspiration: Jessie Graff from american ninja warrior, Diana Nyad: 64 year old who swam from Cuba to Florida

Can’t miss podcast: Ben Greenfield fitness: his knowledge is amazing

Outdoor Spot: the mountains in Santa Fe

Dessert: Coolhaus ice cream….the best hands down


Mat Pilates certified, Insanity certified coach, American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified corrective exercise specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified performance enhancement specialist, American Council on Exercise behavior change specialist