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Bicycles Exercise

Bicycle Benefits:

  • Excellent beginner’s core movement.
  • Engages the obliques, sculpting your body into that hourglass figure.
  • Improves posture through core engagement.


How to do the Bicycle:


Start Position: Begin by lying down on your back. Raise your neck and shoulders off the ground. Place your fingertips by your ears. Raise your feet off the ground, creating 90-degree angles at your hips and knees.


Movement: Extend one leg straight until it’s about 1 to 2 inches off the ground. Bring the other knee to the opposite elbow, twisting the torso.


Return: Now return the leg to the bent knee position (90 degrees). Switch sides and increase your pace as the rhythm of the movement improves.


Modification and Progression of Bicycles:

  • To simplify Bicycles, place your hands under your glutes to support your low back. Do not attempt to get your heels as low the ground.
  • To advance bicycles, extend your leg out and hold the position for 3 seconds before returning to starting position. Also, you can raise your hands to the sky for an added core effect!


Movement Tips:

  • Think about moving your hips straight out of their socket to really extend the leg and work the abs.
  • When returning to the 90-degree start position, lead with your knee.

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